Policeman filmed slapping a child before arresting him

A policeman is caught slapping a child before arresting him, in footage covertly captured in Abu Saiba earlier today. The policeman’s violence is completely unprovoked. Policemen on foot and in a car are seen stopping two children, who are passive throughout. Said Yousif Almuhafda, head of monitoring at the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, tweeted: “I just met those kids in the video and they are just 12 and 13 years old.”


Govenment spokesperson calls F1 “a message of friendship and peace from Bahrain to the world”

Bahrain state media reports on comments by Sameera Rajab, Official Government Spokesperson and Minister for Information Affairs:

The minister described this world championship as a message of friendship and peace from Bahrain to the whole world, for it is not only a circuit for sporting competition, but a global gathering place for various nations, cultures and civilizations to meet and have dialogue. The minister highlighted that the event is accompanied by entertainment events, and various artistic shows reflecting the growing international confidence in the political and security stability, as well as the cultural and media openness in Bahrain.

The minister denounced that some foreign media have dealt with the Grand Prix in Bahrain from a purely security perspective, which involves exaggeration, distortion of facts and provoking terror among sports teams, citizens and residents.

The minister stressed that Bahrain is secure and stable and has a pioneering democratic and reformist experience in the region, and has succeeded in organizing this race for nine years in a row since 2004, as well as attaining the International Automobile Federation (FIA) Cup Award for the best organization, and has not witnessed any security, administrative or regulatory problems.

Sameera Rajab was made a Minister in April 2012, straight after last years F1. At the time of her appointment, the Christian Science Monitor¬†described¬†her as having “a track record of stirring up sectarian tensions”, noting that she had described Saddam Hussein as a “martyr” and a “freedom fighter”. She is also a proponent of 9/11 conspiracy theories, having described the terrorist attack as a “fabricated operation” in 2010. She became Official Spokesperson of the Government in November 2012.