Further reports of police violence from Sanabis yesterday

Said Yousif Almuhafda, head of monitoring at the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, has been to Sanabis, scene of violent scenes yesterday, to speak with the affected residents. This account is taken from his recent tweets:

Riot police raided a house yesterday in Sanabis, kidnapped a citizen and assaulted women. Women stated to me that riot police beat them with weapons, pepper-sprayed them and cursed them.

I met the kidnapped citizen who stated to me that he was severely beaten in the police jeep in Sanabis. He stated that he was beaten nearly 30 minutes, cursed and threatened by riot police inside the jeep.

Pictures of injuries:

Sanabis_Young_Man_attacked_20-4-2013I met another young man kidnapped yesterday, beaten severely with batons and weapons by riot police. He stated that he was sexually harrassed, burned with lighters and cigarettes and he was threatened to work as an informer.

Said Yousif also shared this video of an arrest of a young man in Sanabis yesterday. At around 0:30 in the video, one of the arresting officers can be seen to jab the young man sharply in the stomach with his baton:


Cartoon of police beating becomes reality in Sanad today

Said Yousif Almuhafda, head of monitoring at the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, reported earlier that a “young protester” had been “beaten by riot police” this morning in Sanad. Said Yousif shared this picture of the beating:

Sanad 18-4-2013

A video was later uploaded by activists which reportedly shows him being arrested.

Lilly, an activist on Twitter who tweets as @iBitss, observed that the image was very reminiscent of a very popular anti-F1 cartoon drawn by Carlos Latuff last year. Lilly tweeted: “From a cartoon sketch to reality: a guy getting beaten after getting arrested. Welcome to Bahrain F1 Grandprix”.

Carlos Latuff F1 cartoon (2012)

Police attack boys school with tear gas

Dramatic scenes unfolded earlier today as police raided Jabreya boys high school, attacking it with tear gas:

The BBC reports:

Officers stormed the Jabreya school for boys after students staged a protest demanding the release of a colleague arrested on Monday, activists say.


One father, Mohamed Jaber, went to the school to collect his son but was told by police to leave, the Associated Press news agency reported.

The Ministry of Interior said on its twitter account “police dealt with a group of thugs outside Jabriya school according to legal regulations”.

The clashes erupted when police went to break up a protest calling for the release of 17-year-old Hassan Humidan, who was arrested at the school on Monday.

Activists shared the follow pictures online, showing part of the attack and what are reportedly tear gas cannisters collected afterwards:

Jabreya School Attack

More footage from the school:

UPDATE – 17 AprilThe Telegraph reports: “a journalist from Monte Carlo was threatened with having her permit revoked for reporting the incidents.”

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights releases a statement on the attack.


Police attack shoppers and media in Sanabis

Footage taken in Sanabis on Thursday shows security forces attacking a market with tear gas. Women and children flee the scene, as photojournalist Mazen Mahdi is seen donning a gas mask (around 0:50):

In another video from Sanabis, a member of the Bahrain police Special Security Force Command (SSFC) shoots in the direction of the person filming him: