BCHR expresses “grave concern” over police crackdown

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) reports “escalated security measures, increased house raids and arbitrary arrests of citizens living in villages located near the Bahrain International Circuit”. According to the BCHR:

During the first week of April 2013, 10 youth including minors aging (16 to 25 years) were arrested during house raids, among them, Mohammad Abu-Zuhaira.

Family of one of the prisoners stated that at dawn a police officer along with masked men raided their house and asked to see the ID of one of the family members and asked for him. While the family went to call the person wanted, the masked men followed the family inside the house to the room he was in. They then arrested him without showing an arrest warrant. The family did not know of their son’s whereabouts for 3 days. When the family went to the Hamad Town Police Station asking for him, they denied knowing his whereabouts.

The Bahrain Center for Human Rights believes that the escalated house raids and arbitrary arrests of youth in villages near the Bahrain International Circuit is aimed to spread fear and force silence among citizens to minimize protests and any media coverage of the continuous violations by the Bahrain authorities during the F1 Race.