Opposition graffiti in Barbar defaced, reportedly by police

At the start of the month, several walls in Barbar were decorated with either anti-F1 artwork, or graffiti highlighting leading human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience. Today, the walls have all been defaced, reportedly by police:

Graffiti in Barbar 2



Graffiti showing Abdulhadi AlKhawaja, a founder of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, and his daughter Zainab AlKhawaja. Both are currently behind bars and recognised internationally as prisoners of conscience;

Barbar_graffitiBarbar_graffiti_defacedTo see more opposition graffiti in Bahrain, visit the Rebellious Walls website.


New creative resistance against the F1

Since the beginning of the pro-democracy uprising in February 2011, creativity has been a key means of protest and resistance. A range of examples of creative resistance can be seen in blog posts by Marc Owen Jones and @chanadbh. See also the collection of Bahrain graffiti at the site Rebellious Walls, along with the examples cited in Amal Khalaf’s great article on Pearl Roundabout. Anti-F1 examples from last year can be found in posts by Justin Gengler and EA WorldView. See also these posts on recent anti-F1 graffiti and an anti-F1 campaign video by Bahraini activists. Some new examples were shared on social media today:

An F1 car made from tear gas cannisters, shared by Ahmed Alghasra (@A7mdG):

F1 Car from teargas cannisters

Protesters in Nuwaidrat village held a “Flame Race” earlier today. Dressed as members of an F1 pit crew, they raced a model car carrying tires around a track, before setting it on fire (pictures via Nuwaidrat News Facebook page):

Nuwaidrat "Flame Race"Nuwaidrat "Flame Race"Nuwaidrat "Flame Race"

Update: 18th April 2013

Russia Today have uploaded footage from the “Flame Race” to their YouTube channel. Watch it at this link. (h/t @marcowenjones)