Opposition graffiti in Barbar defaced, reportedly by police

At the start of the month, several walls in Barbar were decorated with either anti-F1 artwork, or graffiti highlighting leading human rights defenders and prisoners of conscience. Today, the walls have all been defaced, reportedly by police:

Graffiti in Barbar 2



Graffiti showing Abdulhadi AlKhawaja, a founder of the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, and his daughter Zainab AlKhawaja. Both are currently behind bars and recognised internationally as prisoners of conscience;

Barbar_graffitiBarbar_graffiti_defacedTo see more opposition graffiti in Bahrain, visit the Rebellious Walls website.


Video roundup

A selection of amateur footage shot over the past 24 hours. The opposition Feb 14 Media site has additional photographs and videos.

Al Qadem – A family try and resist their son’s arrest. Police ultimately respond with tear gas (via @alaashehabi):

Sitra – Anti-F1 protesters on Friday evening say: “Your race is a crime” and “Your race will fail“. (via @MARYAMALKHAWAJA)

Footage of similar anti-F1 protests from Al Dair, Markuban and the capital Manama, where protesters also chanted: “Let your palaces hear, your prisons we do not fear.”

Sitra – Street battles Thursday night (via @alaashehabi)

Sitra – Birdshot bellets, fired by security forces, being removed from a man’s leg (via @alaashehabi)

Sitra – A young man sets fire to a car on the street on Thursday in broad daylight as a protest against the F1 race. VIDEO.

Barbar – Young men spray the English slogan “No F1 – Don’t race on our blood” on a wall.

Buri – Young men block the road on the main highway by Buri with burning tyres, then proceed to burn all the F1 chequered flags flying from posts along the road.

Opposition protests across Bahrain

Opposition protests were held across Bahrain today. The following is a selection of images and videos from them shared on social media (click images for source):

Barbar: “No for bloody F1 in Bahrain”

Protest in Barbar

Protest in Barbar

Manama (the capital):

Sitra: “Democracy is our right”

Protest in Sitra

The slogan in this banner refers to Ian Henderson, a British citizen who worked for several decades as an advisor to the Bahrain government. He died on Sunday. He was nicknamed “the Butcher of Bahrain” for his role in overseeing severe torture. Nurse Rula Saffar, seen in the center of the picture, tweeted shortly after it was taken: “We are in a licened protest! The riot police is attacking us right now in sitra! Why?”

Protest in Sitra

And in the evening in Sitra, a protest with drums. (“Yascot Hamad” = “Down with [King] Hamad”):

Salmabad: Drummers lead protesters carrying anti-F1 banners:

Karbabad: Video of the protest ends with an activist burning an F1 ticket: