Graves vandalised

Graves in Muharraq cemetery belonging to “victims of extrajudicial killings” were vandalised today. Mohammed AlMaskati observed on Twitter that “specific graves were targeted, those around it were left almost untouched”. He identifies the graves as belonging to Yousif Mowali and Hussam AlHadad.

Muharraq_Graves_vandalisedPicture sources: top left, bottom left, right.

Yousif Mowali was killed in January 2012. The 23 year old man, who had been diagnosed with schizophrenia, disappeared on January 11th. His body was found two days later. Authorities claimed the cause of death was drowning. However, his body showed clear signs of torture. A Turkish forensics expert was able to covertly enter the country and examine him. She concluded: “We have proved that the scars on the hands and feet were the scars of electrical torture. The victim was most likely unconscious when he was thrown into the sea and this is why he drowned.”

Hussam AlHaddad, 16, was shot dead by security forces on August 17th, 2012. Authorities described him as a “rioter” involved in a “terror act”. Accounts by eyewitnesses dispute this. His family also contest the official claims. The Bahrain Center for Human Rights (BCHR) offered this account, from eyewitnesses: “Hussam was shot with shotgun pellets which made him fall to the ground. Then, one of his family members witnessed him getting kicked repeatedly by a man in civilian clothing while security forces stood idly watching. Finally when a family member was able to retrieve him, Hussam was soaked in blood. He opened his eyes for a second then fell unconscious.” Following examination of his body, BCHR reported observing “marks of severe beating on his back and shoulder”.


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