Injuries by police in Sa’ar and Abu Saiba

Said Yousif Almuhafda, Head of Monitoring at the Bahrain Center for Human Rights, tweeted two images tonight of injuries sustained from police firing shotguns and tear gas respectively. Specific details of the respective incidents are currently unknown. I have combined the images into one graphic below:


Individuals who suffer such injuries rarely receive medical treatment in national hospitals, which are said to have become “militarized”, for fear of arrest. Last week, the Bahrain Center for Human Rights issued an important new report covering this subject: Limited Medical Access and Breach of Medical Neutrality in Bahrain (see pp25-30 especially). As a consequence of the fear instilled by the current state apparatus, underground clinics have been set up to treat people injured by police. As the report notes:

those injured by excessive force from security forces do not go to hospitals out of fear. As a result, secret clinics have been set up in different residential areas with portable first aid clinics. Those who volunteer to work are a few doctors, a few qualified nurses and volunteers who received training on first aid. At times, even fractures and open wounds have been treated at these clinics. The advantage is that these clinics provide basic medical care for civilians who fear going to the hospital. These medics and volunteers treat civilians at their own risk as they become targets of the authorities, and have very limited resources. (p28)


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