Thousands once again protest in Bahrain

AFP reports:

Thousands of Bahrainis demonstrated near Manama on Saturday urging democratic reforms, part of a campaign of protests planned by the political opposition ahead of next week’s Formula One Grand Prix.

Police used tear gas and sound bombs to break up a gathering of several hundred people in Sanabes, witnesses said.

Further south, a 14-year-old boy was severely wounded in the face and two people arrested when police fired buckshot and tear gas at demonstrators, the main Shiite opposition group Al-Wefaq said on its website.

But in Bilad Al-Qadim, several thousand people demonstrated peacefully, chanting “no to dictatorship” and “down with the regime,” witnesses said.

Protest outside the UN house in Manama (Image © AFP, Mohammed al-Shaikh):

Protest in Manama 13-4-2013


Footage from a rally uploaded by opposition society AlWefaq:



2 thoughts on “Thousands once again protest in Bahrain

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